Complex Tort & Product Liability

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McBreen & Kopko’s Complex Tort and Liability Group represents domestic and international clients on a variety of matters throughout the U.S. involving:               

Product Liability

The attorneys in the product liability group serve clients in a wide range of civil litigation involving allegations that a defective product has caused personal injury or property damage.  From directing loss investigations when clients are put on notice of potential claims at a time when collecting and preserving evidence is crucial through all phases of litigation, our trial and appellate attorneys are experienced and prepared to achieve the results our clients desire.  Our attorneys have successfully handled product liability cases involving many products including:

  • Consumer appliances
  • Tires
  • Airplanes
  • Liquid bulk tankers
  • Dump truck bodies
  • Injection molding machines 
  • Forklifts
  • Pools and related pool equipment such as ladders and diving boards

If you are interested in receiving high quality and efficient representation from a group of experienced trial lawyers who are trained at controlling legal expenses, then you should call McBreen & Kopko.

Premises Liability
McBreen & Kopko has extensive and deep experience in representing businesses and their insurance carriers in premises liability matters. We know that a “simple slip and fall” case can become much more. Our attorneys are prepared to aggressively defend premises liability cases through verdict and have successfully defended our trial results on appeal where necessary.

Plaintiffs are becoming more creative in this area and are trying to attack businesses for their video preservation and record keeping practices to create “spoliation” arguments. McBreen & Kopko attorneys counsel clients on spoliation issues and can assist in developing best practices in this and other areas to avoid the disadvantage that spoliation brings with it.

As with all practice groups, the premises liability attorneys are focused on providing efficient representation and can identify matters that should be resolved early so that resources can be applied to cases that should be aggressively defended through trial.

Transportation Casualty and Cargo
Our transportation casualty and cargo attorneys handle cases in this area ranging from the most severe and complex accidents involving death and severe permanent injury to claims for damage to household goods or other property being moved or stored. We are at the ready to direct accident investigations from the day an incident occurs and routinely work with accident reconstruction engineers to develop the level of sophisticated analysis our clients need. We have successfully tried numerous cases to verdict in both state and federal courts.

Interstate and intrastate movers are highly regulated and claims for property damage in transit require attorneys with the knowledge base and depth of experience needed to identify and address a variety of issues from the enforceability of “cents per pound” limitation of liability clauses to showing that our clients operated under and consistent with their applicable and approved tariffs to challenging the often inflated replacement cost valuations.

Wrongful Detention, False Imprisonment, Assault & Battery
Retail businesses are constantly battling shrinkage of inventory and have developed aggressive loss prevention policies to prevent profits from literally walking out the door. Our attorneys have the knowledge and experience to defend our clients’ loss prevention efforts when allegation of Wrongful Detention, False Imprisonment, Assault and Battery are made.

Our attorneys in this practice area have particularly deep experience with the Pennsylvania Retail Theft Act and the immunity from civil liability afforded by that law to retail businesses who are protecting their assets.

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